Profit From Preneed Today

Pre-plan a funeral with a finalized insurance policy in 30 minutes or less with Prelude’s iPad planning tool.

Our Simple Mission:

Make Prelude the easiest and most pleasant way to preplan a funeral.

Quickly gather personal information

Give customers the flexibility to document vital statistics and personal details from the comfort of their homes or on-site through Prelude’s intuitive interface.

Guide your customers through their pre-planning experience

Put your funeral directors in control of the pre-planning process by equipping them to help customers efficiently and confidently select from your funeral home’s full range of products and services.

Give customers the freedom to get expressive

Allow your customers to choreograph as many of the details as they’d like in order to create their own customized celebration of life.

Sell preneed without an agent

Offer a range of payment options for your customer to choose from and allow them to effortlessly finalize preneed insurance policies digitally, on-the-spot or at home.

Make it easy to keep plans up-to-date

Offer your pre-planned customers a personal portal where they can log in from home to make updates and add details after the in-person planning process.

Burial Packages
Burial Options

Prelude is launching soon

Until then, join our waitlist to receive a personalized estimation of how prelude can help you.

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Get paid to use Prelude

We eliminated the intermediaries in the funeral insurance supply chain. We send you an iPad with the Prelude app, so any employee in your office can walk a customer through our proven experience and make a preneed sale, without needing to be a licensed agent.

5 sales
per month
10 sales
per month
20 sales
per month
Prelude removes the middlemen and returns the profit of preneed to you.

Prelude runs targeted digital and direct marketing campaigns in your area to drive preneed sales for your funeral home. We handle the costs and drive your business forward.

Getting set up with Prelude couldn’t be simpler

We’ve streamlined the onboarding process for new funeral homes.


We send you a dedicated iPad with the Prelude app preloaded and ready to go. Just turn it on and start planning.


Our customer success team loads all your offerings and pricing into the Prelude platform.


We train anyone on your team how to preplan with Prelude so you can sell without third parties.


You don’t have to disrupt your current process. Prelude can work alongside your existing insurance agents.

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