Prelude exists to help families navigate 
the once-in-a-lifetime experience of pre-planning their funeral.

We’re committed to providing a meaningful pre-planning experience that goes beyond the logistics of preneed arrangements.

A need-driven pre-planning solution

Before we ever built our pre-planning platform, we spent months researching the pain points of death care.

After careful study of the industry, we were compelled to provide a human-focused pre-planning alternative to the highly-transactional offerings in the market.

We set out to build a modern pre-planning solution that facilitates deeper connection between planners, their families, and funeral homes.

A need-driven pre-planning solution


Hours of field research


Interviews with funeral directors


Hours of solution validation

The humans behind the world’s most human pre-planning platform.

We work together to bring you a cutting-edge pre-planning experience that feels familiar.

Co-Founder & CEO
Head of Engineering & Product
Head of Partnerships & Marketing
Business Development Manager

Our team is growing

We’ve Gathered a Network of Partners Committed to the Promise of Pre-planning

Prelude partners with insurance providers, investors, and industry professionals to create a pre-planning process that is as seamless as it is comprehensive.

Proud Supporters of the OKFDA

We are proud members of the Oklahoma Funeral Directors Association (OKFDA), supporting their mission to advance and enrich the funeral service profession throughout the state.

Insurance Carriers

Prelude works with industry-leading insurance carriers to secure each pre-plan we help to create.

Wellabe is an insurance company promoting financial and physical well-being by filling gaps in the insurance market for death care and other medical policies.


Prelude is supported by prominent investors who help us further our mission of delivering meaningful solutions in death care.

19days is a venture studio based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, focused on finding and solving better problems across industries

Atento Capital is an early-stage investment firm that funds high-potential people and opportunities that contribute to the growing heartland tech hub.

Cortado Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in growth-focused ventures leveraging technology to transform industries.

FortySix Venture Capital invests in diverse startups, prioritizing practical choices and manageable valuations for enhanced growth. The team focuses on impactful ventures to maximize returns.

The George Kaiser Family Foundation is a charitable organization addressing the most-pressing issues that face families in the Tulsa community.

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